PAT Testing


    – Individualise each appliance with its own ID number
    Each electrical appliance is labelled with a unique identification number.

    - Inspect & Test each appliance
    In accordance with the IEE code of practice, the relevant inspection & tests are carried out on each appliance using reliable testing equipment, and the results logged.

    – Replace fuse/plug where necessary
    If any small remedial repairs are necessary, such as incorrect fuse or damaged plug, these will be replaced. Minor re-terminations are also carried out, where possible, at no extra charge.

    – Label each item with a pass or fail label
    After testing, the appliance is labelled appropriately according to the result.


    – Produce a display Certificate & detailed Asset Register
    PTS PAT Display Certificate  is produced as well as a report listing each appliance by its ID number, description and location at the time of testing, along with the results of tests carried out. This report can be used as an Asset Register/Location Inventory in line with FMSiS. For Clients’ peace of mind, PAT Testing results are kept on our system for a minimum 10 year period.


    – Supply reports in a bound folder & on CD ROM
    Each report can be supplied in a bound folder in paper format for Health & Safety Inspections and on a CD ROM for convenience, or emailed electronically – whatever our Client’s preference.


    For a more detailed description of our PAT Testing service please see PTS – Method Statement for Portable Appliance Testing 2023



    Microwave Testing


    On completion of  testing, a certificate is issued stating the tests carried out and the results



    Smoke Detector Installation and Testing


    Battery operated smoke detector installation

    Battery operated smoke detector testing

    On completion of installation and/or testing, a certificate is issued stating the procedure carried out and the result